Double Page Spread

Creator John Horsley is a man with a vision. An artist and writer, he is currently invested in "The Eynes Anthology", a deeply ambitious, generation spanning tale of the supernatural and the family ties that bind. Horsley has put his money where his mouth is and provided for a large scale of artists and writers to supply his vision. He talks about all of this, his young son's obsession with the "Scream" franchise, and much much more. 

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In this episode of "Double Page Spread", veteran writer and inker, Karl Kesel, joins Wendi to discuss his new project, "Section Zero".  Reuniting him with longtime "Superboy" collaborator, Tom Grummett, they return to tell the story of a secret section of the United Nations charter sent to investigate the paranormal. X-Files meets Kirby monsters, it's a thrilling, cool adventure romp! He discusses that, along with creating  an authentic retro Captain America comic strip, the legacy of "Marvel Apes" and so much more...

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