Double Page Spread

For the very first episode of Double Page Spread, Devin Bruce of the "Scotch and Comics" podcast skypes in to chat and make soup with Wendi. We talk about why we're compelled to podcast about comics, whether certain books still hold up and shopping in Canada. And make a tasty cheddar and beer bread as well.

This is the first episode and I was experimenting with mics and Skype recording, so I know it's a little noisy at times. Thanks for bearing with me! I didn't realize my chopping could get so loud.

You can find Devin here at:

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  • She is absolutely gogroeus! I swear you must hire models for your sessions I love the pictures that include her darling little girl as well. What a special time with wonderful memories captured by you!!

    posted by: Exiober on 2013-06-26 23:57:40

  • Great Podcast! I really liked what you and Devin had to say about kids reading comics – as a comic reading Dad who works pretty hard at getting my two teenaged daughters to read comics it is definitely a bit more work to find appropriate and entertaining titles that they might enjoy. Great mix of cooking and comics – keep it up!

    posted by: Kirk on 2012-02-27 18:35:01

  • just finished double page spread ep1. I would like to thank you for a brill show. I like the mix for cooking and comics its nice change from the round table format. Keep up the good work thanks

    posted by: jason bull on 2012-02-12 02:24:00

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