Double Page Spread

Nate Cosby talks to Wendi about his acclaimed all ages graphic novel, "Cow Boy", from Archaia. He shares knowledge from his years as a Marvel editor and how Eminem got to be the Punisher for a day.

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  • Huh, that is a good question! I think he counts because we're seeing the whole story through his eyes essentially, and it's a flashback, right?

    posted by: Wendi on 2012-07-06 15:24:53

  • I was listening to the show, and I loved Nate's answer to how he jumped in to freelance writing: "ass first". Also as far as framing devices in comics, does the photographer in Marvels count as a framing device?

    posted by: Matthew Jeske on 2012-06-29 23:01:49

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