Double Page Spread

This episode opens with a quick report from C2E2 at the Source Point Press booth to talk to horror core rap duo, Twiztid, about their comic "Twiztid: Haunted High Ons". Jamie Madrox and Monoxide star as fake ghost hunters in this horror comedy written by Dirk Manning.

Then Wendi sits down with Stephan Nilson, writer of "Agent 1.22" from DPM Publishing- an epic sci fi drama of a sexy cyborg, working for a mysterious agency and trying to realize her own shadowy history. He is also the publishing operations manager at Aftershock Comics and has some insight into their current popular books like "Dark Ark", "Alters", "Babyteeth", and "Knights Temporal".

Aaron Conley is the penciller on Skottie Young's popular Image comic, "Bully Wars", a story depicting the vengeful competition at one high school to become the head menace. His style is cartoony yet detailed, recalling shows like "Ren and Stimpy". He and Wendi discuss his previous work on "Sabertooth Swordsman" for Dark Horse Comics, "Little Nemo", how Sonic the Hedgehog has a movie and "Bone" does not, the careers of the cast of "Friday Night Lights" and so much more!

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