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Double Page Spread

Double Page Spread is a comic book creator interview show hosted by Wendi Freeman. Every week she delves into the minds and inspirations of artists and writers to explore what makes comic books such a wonderful medium. She explores many aspects of fandom and comics from the smallest indie to the big 2. 

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Apr 14, 2018

Back in the days of "Wizard" magazine, Wendi once won a competition to write an essay about her favorite comic, "Strangers in Paradise". Now she fulfills her teenage dream of talking to Terry Moore about the return of his self published sensation, where Katchoo and Francine are at this stage of their lives, how it fits in with the larger "Terryverse" with "Rachel Rising", what women helped shape his views and more.

Then she talks extensively with Caleb Alexander-Mckinzie of the "Southern Fried Geekery" podcast about their experiences at C2E2. They talk about all the parties and dog humping, what artists they spoke to and original pages were bought, and who the sexiest cosplay was. Share in their joy and memories!

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