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Double Page Spread

Double Page Spread is a comic book creator interview show hosted by Wendi Freeman. Every week she delves into the minds and inspirations of artists and writers to explore what makes comic books such a wonderful medium. She explores many aspects of fandom and comics from the smallest indie to the big 2. 

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Feb 18, 2013

The Aw Yeah Comics crew of Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani have been bringing all ages joy for years through "Tiny Titans", "Superman Family Adventures", the Aw Yeah! podcast and their own family friendly store. Now they're ready to expand their empire of fun with a new self published comic featuring some recognizable names and exciting new creators! You can help fund it through a Kickstarter with some innovative incentive ideas. So join Wendi, Art and Franco with Chris Smits and Alejandro Rosado as they let you in on the upcoming hijinx of Aw Yeah Comics!

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almost eleven years ago

Hrm, feeling this meant to go on a dieefrfnt thread, but what the heck, I'll respond here:I think it'd just make most readers scratch their heads if I released Paladins #2.5, or even Paladins #0 (though I have seen a few that did the 0 thing). The reason why I was thinking Paladins #0 is that the vast bulk of the Lathaar story would take place before the Fall of the Citadel, which meanwhile takes place very *early* in Night of Wolves.More likely, I'll just make Fall of the Citadel a single stand alone title, though when I actually get around to it, I don't know. Been spending too much time as is backtracking and doing prequels, and there's a lot of people out there waiting patiently for some more Harruq and Qurrah. I think I need to start turning my attention forward, not backward