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Double Page Spread

Double Page Spread is a comic book creator interview show hosted by Wendi Freeman. Every week she delves into the minds and inspirations of artists and writers to explore what makes comic books such a wonderful medium. She explores many aspects of fandom and comics from the smallest indie to the big 2. 

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Apr 23, 2013

It's the return of legendary Justice League/Moonshadow scribe JM DeMatteis! He gives us all the scoop on Phantom Stranger and his partnership with Keith Giffen on Larfleeze. Then we get into a round of Beatles trivia! JM is sincerely one of the most inspiring, open minded and positive people I've ever had the joy of talking to, with an imagination as big as the multiverse. So take a listen!

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almost eleven years ago

/ Here's my list of one-liner reviews from week 1:ACTION COMICS So far, so good with Grant Morrison. Superman is kind of a jerk, but fnkarly that is refreshing after so many years of uptight dogooderness that has plagued this character. Definitely a PULL for #2.ANIMAL MAN Wow, a great start to a creepy twist on the Animal Man mythos. Don't care for the art, but the story has me wanting more. PULLBATGIRL Gail Simone avoiding the big question , yet keeping the emotional weight of the Killing Joke front and center. Great read, looking forward to #2. PULLBATWING Probably my biggest surprise of the week. Awesome art and intriguing story. PULLDETECTIVE COMICS Tony Daniels going for the R rating here? I liked it, but would hesitate giving this to any younger readers. PULLGREEN ARROW Yeah, I watched Smallville, too. Nothing at all new or engaging here. DROPHAWK AND DOVE I would type something coherent, but I can't stop laughing. DROPJUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL This just seems to me to be every average team book I've ever read. Felt similar to my take on Green Arrow. Nothing new, nothing engaging. I'll PULL #2, but if it doesn't shape up quickly, this goes to DROP.MEN OF WAR I think I'm more interested in the premise for this book than I was in reading the execution. Story was blah, and not aided at all by Derenick's art which was just gray, gray, gray all the way through. And why was this one 3.99? DROPOMAC Loved Giffen's Kirby-esque art for about 30 seconds and then grew weary with it. There's a reason why nobody draws this way anymore, you know? Didio's story was confusing and unfocused. DROPSTATIC SHOCK Eh, an ok plot with ok artwork. I'll try #2, but won't be seeing #3 unless something grabs me. PULL for nowSTORMWATCH There was some furor over this book, but fnkarly I think due to nostalgia more than the actual contents. DROPSWAMP THING Loved it. One of the best of the week and I suspect will be one of the high water marks of the month as we see more of these roll out. PULLSo, my personal tally of 13 titles broke down into 6 solid positives, 2 on the fence, and 5 clunkers. I'm really excited to see what we get in week 2!